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28 September 2007
RHA and FTA unite in Treasury approach to highlight plight of UK hauliers
27 September 2007
Ten ways to better spend the 2p fuel duty increase
26 September 2007
Transport Minister for FTA Dinner
25 September 2007
2p or not 2p Fuel duty increase - A cost to all: FTA

EU Drivers Hours

Definition Period Permissible Variation Explanation
Driving Time: Continuos
or aggregate
4.5 hours maximum   After 4.5 hours driving (continuous or aggregate) a break must be taken unless a daily or weekly rest period follows immediately
Break(s) from driving At least 45 minutes 2 & 3 breaks (minimum break 15 minutes) The final part of a split break must follow immediately after the aggregate of driving reaches 4.5 hours
Daily driving total 9 hours maximum May be extended to 10 hours not more than twice in a fixed week These extensions may follow on successive days
Weekly driving total Non-specified, though effectively 56 hours   4 daily driving periods of 9 hours and 2 o 10 hours totals 56 hours in all
Fortnightly driving total 90 hours maximum If 40 hours are driven in week 1, a max of 50 hours can be driven in week 2, then a max of 40 hours in week 3 etc. A fortnight is any two consecutive fixed weeks
Daily rest (single manned) 11 consecutive uninterrupted hours May be reduced to not less than 9 hours 3 times in a fixed week Any reduction in daily rest must be made up (compensated)before the end of the following week
Daily rest (double manned**) 8 hours in a period of 30 hours One driver may take his 45 minute break whilst the vechicle is moving Dail rest may be taken in a vehicle as long as it fitted with a bunk and is stationary
Daily rest (split) 12 hours No limit on number of split daily rests in a fixed week The 12 hour total can be split in to 2 or 3 period. Periods must be at least 1 hour each.  The last period must be at least 8 hours
Weekly rest (after 6 daily driving periods) A daily rest extended to 45 hours May be reduced to 36 hours minimum at base, 24 hours minimum away from base Each reduced weekly rest must be made up (compensated) by taking the balance en-bloc attached to another daily or weeky rest period before the end of the following 3rd fixed week
Definition Period Permissible Variation Explanation

Can there be any deviation from the Driver Hour's Regulations?
Provided road safety is not jeopardised there can be a departure from the Regulations provided there is :

  • a genuine emergency.
  • or an umavoidable delay that could not have resonably been foreseen

There are no absolute values to the amount by which the Regulations can be deviated from.  Each set of circumstances will be influenced by nature of the load, the type of vehicle, the prevailing weather and traffic conditions etc.

Any departure must be minimised and be only to the extent necessary to ensure the safety of people, the vehicle or its load.

*The 'applicable Community rules' apply to goods vehicles with a permissible weight exceeding 3.5 tonnes (including any trailer drawn) unless it is exempted because the use of the vehicle or the type of journey is not considered to be commercial haulage.
**If the vehicle is double manned, the Regulations are different with regard to daily rest only.  All other 'Drivers Hours Regulations' remain unaltered.  For double manned vehicles the daily rest requirement can be changed from 11 hours of continuous and uninterrupted to rest in a period of
24 hours to 8 hours of continuous and uninterrupted rest in a period of 30 hours. Important Note for the dobule manning option for daily rest to apply, all drivers must be in the vehicle for all journeys during the shift.  One dirver having different second drivers for different periods of the shift would not count as double manning, and the double manning option would not apply.

The information above is based on information published by Tachograph Analysis Consultants Ltd, Queen's Dock Business Centre, Norfolk Street, Liverpool  L1 0BG.  Telephone 0151 709 012. It does not include the complete Drivers' Hours' Regulations and is intended simply as an aide memoire to
the current Regulations.  The information was, to the best of our knowledge correct at the time of going to press (March 2003).


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