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28 September 2007
RHA and FTA unite in Treasury approach to highlight plight of UK hauliers
27 September 2007
Ten ways to better spend the 2p fuel duty increase
26 September 2007
Transport Minister for FTA Dinner
25 September 2007
2p or not 2p Fuel duty increase - A cost to all: FTA

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ADR Training

Course Overview

Do you carry Hazardous Materials in Packages, Road Tankers or Tank Containers? If so you may need an ADR Vocational Training Certificate.

The ADR driver training regulations apply to vehicles over 3500 kgs and above certain load limits, if you are below these limits and carry dangerous goods you will still need specific awareness training.

The course is broken down into modules and to obtain an ADR Certificate you will need to pass the Core Module, Tanks &/or Packages Module (depending on the mode of transport you will drive) and the Class(es) Module for the type of goods you will carry.

Main Topics Covered

Core Module Covers

  • Relevant Regulations - including national & international
  • Drivers duty to carry goods safely
  • Use of UN numbers, classes & packing groups
  • Environmental protection & wastes
  • Documentation
  • Checks - before, during and after the journey
  • Supervision and parking rules
  • Emergency and technical equipment on vehicles
  • Mixed loading and segregation
  • Loading and unloading
  • Law and Liability
  • First aid, Accident procedure, Fire and Personal protective equipment

Packages Module Covers

  • Scope and Application of rules including load limits
  • UN packaging scheme
  • Types of packaging
  • Loading and Unloading
  • Operating procedures

Road Tanks and Tank Containers Module Covers

  • Definitions of tanks
  • Responsibilities of operator with regard to training
  • Documentation
  • Tank markings and labelling
  • Types of loads
  • Tank construction
  • Use of tanks
  • Methods of loading and unloading
  • Cleaning of tanks
  • Behaviour of tanks on the road

Classes Modules Cover

  • Characteristics of the substances and safety measures
  • Nature of the hazard
  • Sources of information
  • Segregation
  • Labelling and Marking
  • Secondary Hazards

Benefits of ADR Training

Successful completion of the ADR Vocational Certificate, will provide a benefit in the type of work that a driver is able to carry out, therefore adding value to the company, and widening employment opportunities for drivers that have completed ADR Training.

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